Thursday, November 03, 2016

Well lets be frank...

The Polls are Tight.

But the antidote to that is simple if somewhat hard to take, boost GOTV and stay calm....the campaigns themselves will be fully engaged and loud past endurance right up to next Tuesday over that we have No Control.
But....turnout that is something we can all commit too that is "the key deliverable" as they say in business and if turnout wasn't key, why are Trump and the GOP so relentlessly committed to suppressing it?
One of the things that should not have surprised me (but it did all the same) is the willingness of highly marginalized GOP cohorts to "come home" to the GOP despite their sheer revulsion for their own nominee.
The bitter proxy fight over turnout has two axes for th GOP its definitely via it's deafening cacophony to remind the base that Hillary is the Dark One even as it supposedly drives down democratic turnout.  So as such we must stay focussed on running our numbers up....that is best guarantor in a volatile close fought election. Everyone to the polls!

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