Monday, November 14, 2016

Riot & Chaos & Unrest.....Oh My!

Demonstrations against President-Elect Trump have broken out all over the nation. But thats to be expected, he gamed the electoral college and lost the popular vote on top of a record amount of ominous devisive rhetoric in campaign 2016.
Its a wonder quite frankly MORE people are not protesting quite frankly, Trump has (in the words of the late Lenny Bruce) "A real Talent for Making Himself Hated".
Be that as it may I'm skeptical about the utility of protests even on a mass level they tend to be inefficient enterprises as a rule and the eternal last recourse of people who feel dealt out by the system.
And I'm certainly not in accord with any violence sporadic or otherwise attendent on said protests no matter how violent Trump's rhetoric has been or may be. Once people start breaking the law then it becomes a public safety issue ALWAYS the grievance is completely forgotten instantly.
That having been said, at the end of the day said demonstrators owe The President Elect all the Loyalty and Regard that the Tea Partei gave Barack Obama back in the spring of 2009.
I recall with the simplest nostalgia when the Tea Partei Road Show set down on Boston Common, gruesome sentiments all they weren't violent but they were dellegitimizers and illegitimists to a fault. The fact that they didn't burn down the State House does not qualify any of them for a Good Conduct Medal in My Books.
"Win Ugly Govern Ugly" is the new byword and if people want to protest this diresome turn of events I won't stop them. Just stay lawful...if not be prepared for some hard knocks indeed.

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