Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Well...that could have gone better....

Clearly there is a hidden "swing vote" in what hertofore were rock solid industrial midwestern democratic bastions. From what I can read, Trump simply extracted more votes from precincts that Romney took comfortably in 2012.
And likely, certainly cohorts underperformed for the democrats, that much seems certain.
There were also "atmospheric problems", I think the Comey letter took the campaign off its stride for a couple of vital days last week and may have critically obscured emerging problems in Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania.
I won't rule out a heavy whiff of electoral sexism as well.
The polling seems to be the critical failure this year, smartphone tech saturating the culture I wonder if the traditional models are now irremedially compromised and if they are, then what will replace them?
Maybe they cannot be replaced.
I've mentioned before four critical myths that buttress movement conservatism (The Myth of Christian Politics, The Myth of Rugged Individualism, The Myth of Small Government and the Myth of Grievance)....this was definitely a "Myth of Grievance" election wherein a lot of aging white people opted for Revenge at All Costs.
And they got it, and I wish them all the Joy of It.
Given that its a divided nation with little hope of "unity" over the short term or the sort of unity that Christ Matthews or Andy Hiller constantly preach.
The punchline is, Clinton won the popular vote by a 200K margin....this is the second time this has happened in sixteen years and it isn't a good basis for establishing legitimacy at all.
As for Trump he led a divided party to power by a thin margin....The GOP's looming chaos would be amusing to watch but alas they've won and their troubles will soon be All of Ours.

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