Monday, November 07, 2016

I am A No Vote on Question Two

Why we need numberless new charter schools over which the localities have no control is a mystery to me. The Commonwealth already ranks near the top of the USA in overall student performance, granted there are shortfalls in various communities but the answer isn't something advantageous to only 5% of the captioned students.
If the Legislature is hell bent on creating a unaccountable two track European Style education system let them do it in full view of the electorate and let them finance this boondoggle out of general revenues and not create yet another unfunded educational mandate to burden the municipalities.
Even if all this was no so, I'd still oppose Question Two the damn thing reeks of educational utopianism a classic one size fits all supersolution thats bound to have nasty unintended consequences down the road.
I say....Vote No on Question Two.


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