Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Hatch Cachet

Does Senator Orrin Hatch have a frickin' shred of self respect left at this point?
My Ghod he was on Imus in the Morning today abasing himself before George Bush Junior in the most obnoxious manner possible.
It all but made me physically ill to listen to a U.S. Senator a member of the world's greatest deliberative body comport himself as little more than a courtier and a dishonest one at that.
Gore Vidal and Allen Drury lied to us my their respective novels Washington D.C. and Advise and Consent they depicted the U.S. Senate as a place where mighty law-makers clashed with the White House on all matters great and small. That is clearly NOT the case today as Orrin Hatch a Senate Insider if ever there was one fairly writhes on the floor in a compulsive bid to ingratiate at the mere mention of George Bush Junior's name.
Does this guy have any dignity left at all?
Well we were warned about Orrin, back when he ran for President in 2000, one editorial wag suggested Hatch was in the race to get face-time with Bush via the debates to play up his Vice Presidential bona fides.
He didn't get the VP slot, but Bush was polite enough to pat him on the head and call Orrin a nice old dog all the same.
Now look at him, a querulous sycophantic the people of Utah realize what a gruesome specimen they've elected to the Senate?
You should've heard Hatch railing against the perfidious "armchair generals" that are "second guessing" this glorious fight in Iraq....never mind the fact the whole mishaugas was dreamed up by the coterie of armchair generals who surround his President. None of whom have ever heard a shot fired in anger.
And if it's not amateur strategists he's bitching about then it's the French, the Germans, and NATO that are causing all our problems.
For the record I'm sure we don't have to go far back in the congressional record to find tons of speechifying from Senator Hatch praising NATO and the western alliance as the world's hope for peace via strength.
Ah but that was then...and this is now, such is the zeitgeist under Tiberius Bush and his nonexistent attention span.
Oh and no one was expecting a short war sez Orrin anyone who did is plain stupid or naive.
Which is no more that the latest spin from out the White House, it's not enough to grovel these days, the President's supporters are supposed to lie on his behalf.
Lord what a plantation mentality we have in DC these days-it's appalling.
It's shameless flatterers like Orrin Hatch that are turning this nation into little more than a land fit for sterner men to loot.
Aren't Senator's supposed to have more pride in themselves and their institution than this????
He was yelping - yelping -yelping with that nasty high pitched voice of his through the whole call-in...gave me a headache.
The world is wrong and George Bush is right and always will be....doesn't the President have paid apologists on his staff to carry on in this gross and incontinent fashion?
I mean my Ghod Hatch could at least pretend to have a little independence!
No such luck, we are in deep shit indeed when the debate boils down to how just loud to shriek the President's praises on the public airwaves.
We are faced with a perfect storm in Washington my friends. The White is ruled by ambitious war loving chickenhawks, while Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court are reduced to little more than compliant cyphers.
James Madison once asserted that power is the only thing that constrains power...and where power is completely unconstrained we get the toadying likes of Senator Orrin Hatch making the laws.
Gruesome to think about isn't it?
Well with any luck you didn't have to listen to it.

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