Friday, April 11, 2003

Victory in the Time of the Toads:

High-pitched Rich Santorum was on Imus today...I only caught a few minutes of his appearance but what I heard only confirmed my worst suspicions. It's not just George Allen or Orrin Hatch who have gone lapdog on us, no it looks like the whole Senate are marks and bad ones at that for Bush.
And on and on he grovelled in that screechy irritating voice of his.
Ghod Rick is such a hopeless toady that he can actually find praiseful things to say about Halliburton's seven billion dollar deal to clean up Iraq's oil fires. Nope Rick doesn't have a problem with it can't imagine what the fuss is about.
"We have to act fast" sez Santorum, Halliburton is in a position to get the job done and damn the competitive bidding process-or words to that effect.
It simply never occurs to this hammerhead to ask WHY Halliburton of all companies is miraculously positioned in Kuwait to do the job?
Could it just possibly be they've been waiting for a nice cash cow war with Iraq for what eleven years now?
The Vice President's own private interests could never become intertwined with U.S. Foreign Policy could it?
DUH NO!!! MISTER PRESIDENT! barks Senator Santorum on cue....a dabbler, a maunderer, and a footling THIS is who we depend on to defend the shreds of our rights.
Well, I give Rick credit he did make one veiled disparaging remark about Bush....he called Cheney "The most important Vice President in History"...which sez something damning about GWB in my humble opinion.
Lordy, maybe it is time for Bush to have the praetorians clear out the Upper Chamber once and for all?
All the dignity have gone out of our senatorial order...collectively they exhibit the poise of a radio D.J.
Guys like Santorum have prospered mightily thanks to an education that disregarded inculcating democratic values. So it's only natural that he equate brown-nosing the powerful with greatness and advancement...certainly nothing else has ever informed him that citizenship counts for anything more.

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