Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Jerry Williams R.I.P.

The so called "Dean" of Boston talk radio Jerry Williams has gone to the throne of the almighty. All obnoxious windbags must doff their hats in silent remembrance.
Our Jerry virtually single handed created the daily bile style of talk radio making it seem both glamorous and obscenely profitable.
People forget today but at his imperial high noon Jerry was a monster damage monkey drunk with rage and vengeance. Williams loomed large through out the Dukakis era posing as a principled libertarian or some such demagogic rubbish.
I remember with the simplest nostalgia his three way payback fests every Tuesday with the Boston Herald's vulgarian /columnist Howie Carr and power hungry political boss Barbara Anderson ....oh the Commonwealth stood still when these three were in session, no state tax examiner was safe!
And how they'd characterize the least lackwitted public functionary as a hack and a was hack hack hack all day long with Jerry.
"The Governors" as they called themselves took lavish credit for the fall of Michael Dukakis, artfully editing out the influence of the recession and the Duke's electoral defeat at the hands of George Bush.
Of course, people forget Jerry's heavy handed lobbying the State Lottery Commission to secure his girlfriend a promotion or his annual sex extravaganza where he'd play the taped call-in from a woman who used the washing machine for auto-erotic stimulation.
Yup that was our Jerry, lauded as a class act right to the end.
Of course all wild rides come to an end, Williams was eventually dropped from his cushy afternoon slot in favor of his old lackey Howie Carr...something that rankled Jerry to no end according to my sources.
The irony is, Carr wrote William's front page obituary in today's how those crocodile tears do flow.
Even the nastiest apex predator comes to an sordid end sooner or I wonder what stooge of Howie's has designs on the columnist's easy street radio gig?
Ah but Jerry Williams is dead, we will see his like again and again and again though.

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