Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Ralph'd and Regurgitated

How many thousand are going to have to die in the Middle East before Ralph Nader feels he has made his point?
And his point seems to be...
If the Greens can keep the Democrats out of the White House things will become so bad that the America citizenry will rise up in revolt, throw the GOP out, the Greens will become the new left-wing party with the rump of the dems to anchor the conservative-moderate side of the spectrum.
Got all that?
My thinking is, if the Greens keep the GOP in power long enough, conservatism will inevitably fail and fail hard thus setting the stage for a nonconservative violent authoritarian political movement to take over.
I plan to discuss this in detail with such Greens as I will be quartered with when we are all rounded up and sent to a labor camp in East Texas.
It seems a particularly raw and unpleasant form of political masturbation infects Nader's thinking just as much as it is rampant among senior White House decisionmakers.
But that is just a guess on my part.

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