Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Idle Conjuration...

(File this under "Might Not Happen but it'd be FUN if it did")
If Mike Huckabee buries the field in Iowa and then John McCain engineers a last minute upset in New Hampshire...am I alone in thinking Mitt Romney will have a screeching infantile fugue on election night in Concord NH?
There is some precedent for this, Bob Dole was reduced to inarticulate snarling when Pat Buchanan beat his ass in the New Hampshire Primary back in 1996.
Mitt is clearly the repressed passive-aggressive type, a nice expensive and most of all humiliating loss up there to a hopeless doddering windbag like McCain might finally unleash the former Viceroy's pent up fury.
After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than losing to someone you'd written off in July.
Of course a lot of conjecture rides on this, the McCain resurgence in New Hampshire might be mostly be hot air from Old John's amen section on the op-ed pages...those jerks could build the slightest cooling breeze into an irresistible gale.
Nevertheless, Romney is too much the amateur to lose on this scale with grace...he'll have some sort of psychotic break, hopefully the news cameras will be there when it happens.

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