Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Agnew Moment

Charles Pierce, raises some interesting points here:

Of course he is right, Tim Russert is a biased and corrupt hack...but the question is, how to get at him?
Pierce wants an "Agnew" style attack on the media, this is fine but I think he forgets that Nixon and Agnew had a ready made constituency at their back the so called "Silent Majority" and they controlled the bully pulpit of the presidency.
WE as liberals have neither advantage at this point.
Moreover our best spokespersons are themselves dependent on the Washington Press establishment in that they cannot afford to lose their invitations to go on "Meet the Press" if they chose to attack Tim Russert and his tortured inanities.
Or at least they think they can't afford to lose out on those sunday morning chat show appearances, Spiro Agnew didn't seem to have any problems getting on "Face the Nation" etc even after he started calling the news media "nattering nabobs of negativism".
Make no mistake about it though, we need someone big and loud to make the case against the mainstream media on behalf of the liberals but we've got to prepare the ground first...cause Humble Elias all by hisself doesn't quite make a big enough noise y'unnerstan'.
Think about it...

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