Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thielman for State Rep, Obama for President...

thats how I voted this morning and I'm feeling pretty good about the both of them thank yew very much.

If Barack Obama represented nothing else except a break with America's current drift towards dynastic politics he'd be a good enough choice, but he comes armed with different experiences, a better agenda and what seems to be a cool judgement with respect to the potentialities and limitations of US Politics.
Health to his cause sez Humble Elias.

As for Jeff Thielman he is locked in a tight democratic primary race in the 23rd Middlesex special election to succeed Jim Marzilli in the Great and General Court. A lot of intangibles could affect this race, the weather, name recognition, turnout among democrats hungry for a nominee who will stick it to the GOP this fall...nothing is certain. The town hall crowd is backing Sean Garballey to the hilt and beyond, they've been tucked way back this fall with Marzilli's ascension to the state senate and are now looking to recover lost ground.
The problem these guys ahve had from day one is, their best and most experienced potential candidates don't live in the district, it is important to remember that even as much is made of Garballey's pleasing winning ways that he is something of a long shot at age twenty three and a not exactly the gang's first choice.
No matter who wins the nomination there may be some party unity issues going into next month's general election.
If Sean loses tonight, some of his backers could defect to GOP nominee John Worden on that notion that at age sixty nine or so, to some, Worden would be a good placeholder for Garballey giving him time to age into a more realistic candidate for state rep come 2010 or 2012.
This made easier in that Worden is the moderator of town meeting and has moderate views compared to the obnoxious twits the town GOP usually nominates for state rep.

Well anyway it is all speculation, a bare five hundred vote margin is being whispered about on the street in Arlington, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Now you know why the state democratic party is hosting a Unity Dinner this saturday morning...All politics is local, but a lot of local politics is personal.

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