Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama's color is irrelevant...

sez Jeff Jacoby in today's Globe who opines that American race relations may be turning a corner this year in part thanks to the candidacy of Barack Obama.
Peggy "Magic Dolphins" Noonan on the Daily Kos goes further and thinks that Obama's race renders him nigh "bulletproof".
to quote the old misanthrope "what rubbish!"
A bare two years ago, Deval Patrick campaigned for Governor here in the Commonwealth on terms not too different from Obama's and the GOP still rolled out as racialized an attack ad as they dared to produce.
Anyone else remember the Healey campaign's big scary "mugger commercial"?
Granted it didn't work for Healey, but that had as much to do with her own limitations as a candidate as the electorate's distaste for sub-rosa race politics. As democrats we can expect as much and more this fall from the GOP, indeed they may have nowhere else to go if Obama is the nominee.
So lets all enjoy these Kumbaya moments while we can, so enough the screeching begins and we must be prepared.

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