Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph'd Again

Aging narcissism notwithstanding, Ralph Nader has again announced what must now be his fourth or fifth independent bid for the US Presidency. Typically he did it on "Meet the Press" , Tim Russert ever a lover of the "democrats in disarray" meme must've grinned like a mongoloid.
I can't see much coming of this, Nader's numbers have trended downward since gathering three million votes in the year 2000, Eugene Debs had this problem so did Harold Stassen.
No...what Ralph has to answer for is denying Florida to Gore in '00 and thus being indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands of US Service personnel in Iraq along with their allies major and minor.
Think about that the next time the green zone is shelled or a suicide bomber kills a few dozen in some flower market in Tikrit.
As Eric Alterman sez "Thanks Ralph".

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