Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney: a Political Autopsy...

Whatever d' ye suppose they were talking about over in Belmont last night? How to get the million-bucks per delegate cost down to something sensible or were they willing at long last to face facts?
Who can say?
If Mitt bails today or tomorrow or next week, he'll exit the race pretty much the way he came in, an overprogrammed, uncharismatic, cold and aloof man who desperately needed the help of numberless consultants & political biff squads to achieve anything in public life.
Far from being a sort of cliche'd enigma in public life, Romney was always too obvious, too amateurish and ultimately too maladroit to play on the A-List. Observers were wont to give him far more credit than he deserved as a politician, the reality is, by running for President Mitt simply rose past the level of his incompetence.
It isn't that he was faced with such rough competition either, Huckabee is a giddy sky-grifter, proud of his ignorance and McCain is himself a champion flip-flopper even a bit of a groveler quite frankly.
The difference is though, McCain is a professional, he knows how to finesse the issues so that his position changes don't resonate negatively, Romney however is an amateur he thinks the game is easy, a mere matter of mouthing the right poll tested rubbish and spending lavishly.
There was little he did right from the day he announced, he was the first to run negative ads and probably the first to complain when his rivals retaliated. Romney denounced the field in almost every case for holding views he himself once upheld with the utmost vigor.
The good news is, with Mitt Romney, American Politics has finally hit bottom. A shameless groveling hack has finally found ill-favor with the electorate in general and the GOP in particular, down the line this bodes well for U.S. politics.

The career died, but democracy prospered.

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