Friday, February 15, 2008

The Late Hunter S. Thompson once...

described a sentimental and affecting scene at Richard Nixon's inaugural in 1969, George Romney (Milhous' nominee to head the Department of Health, Education & Welfare) swept down the parade route and was allegedly greeted by a loud chorus of "Romney Eats Shit! Romney Eats Shit!"
Like father, like son is all I can say.
Not two weeks ago, candidate Romney was escoriating John McCain as an out of touch Washington insider and a closet liberal, NOW however, the Arizona senator stands tall as the last best hope of mankind so sex Willard who now has a duty to his conqueror.
To the last Romney demonstrates what a palpable fraud he is, he might've released his delegates to Mike Huckabee and thus proven his fidelity to christian dominionism, he might've handed them over even to Ron Paul as a demonstration of his libertarian tendencies, nope nada, McCain must be sucked up to, just as Mitt once sucked up to the Bush White House.
Craven and despicable.
But expected in every way, Mitt is too much the cynic and opportunist to play it any way.

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