Monday, December 28, 2009

D' ye mean to tell me...

that the vicious little dingbat what tried to blow up the airliner paid cash for his ticket?
Dear Ghod I work for an insurance company, someone tries to pay cash for a policy and alarm klaxons sound from Toronto to Tierra Del Fuego! Hell the President of the company breaks out his trusty blackjack and starts prowling the halls thinking at least he'll get some payback on the alleged cash loving money launderers.
AND the would be alleged killer geek was from Nigeria...Which is a whole country that is as wide open as Buddy Cianci's Providence! Hell the rumor is, Buddy has retired there to run a horrifically overpriced nursing home for unwary snowbirds from Warwick.
And to crown all WE WERE WARNED free and clear by the kid's fretful father!
All together is this what the old misanthrope would call "a grand cluster f***" no doubt about it.
Y'know, Ghod Bless America, since 1776 we are more than willing to revolve ourselves into any sort of a biffsquad necessary to master a particularly diresome situation. So it was at the crossing of the Delaware down to the passengers on Northwestern 253, US Citizens never hesitate.
What we are not good at, and have never been good at, is getting the right info into the right hands at the right time. So if we wanna prevent incidents like this in the future we are gonna need to revamp how we traffick in and prioritize all the tip offs we got leading up to the moment that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab undid his seat belt and tried to get close to Ghod by way of plastic explosives.
Thank Jebus no one was killed thus we can still use this as teachable moment and an impetus to real reform for a system that has already become bloated & unresponsive after a mere eight years.
Have at it Barack this is your moment.

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