Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What did we learn this year...

As usual, damn near nothing.
The Chimes at Midnight stands a lonely watch at the outermost ramparts of civilization, unloved, unpaid, unbossed and largely unread. My chuief goal has been ideological warfare of a low and crude sort along with a certain amount of bloggable chaos to fill in those slow-ass Fridays.
We watched Obama assume power, some Somali piratesd got their skulls ventilated by the Delta Force, there was a beer summit, Sarah Palin wigged out and resigned,Teddy Kennedy sailed off this mortal coil, Tom Menino was somehow re-elected, John Kerry shook out his feathers a bit, Capuano and Khazei both made some new friends from out of town, Sotomayor got in and Joe Kennedy bailed out and all as a special election stalks the precincts...It was a long year, feels like a hundred quite frankly.
Oh and Senator Jim DeMint is an unmitigated ass-hole and a terrorist fellow traveller of the first rank.
That is what I learned in 2009.

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