Thursday, December 03, 2009

An Endorsement:

As Ghod is my witness this senatorial campaign has come off as naught but the proverbial steamroller fight, almost everyone we expected to get in fled the scene in the middle of the night and them what got in, are flailing away at each other seemingly in slow motion.
Nonetheless, there is a palpable need for leadership in the US Senate, someone who loves Massachusetts a wee bit more and someone who brings a different set of professional and life experiences to the position of Junior Senator from Massachusetts.
Therefore with this criteria in mind, it is with great pride that the Chimes at Midnight endorses Attorney General Martha Coakley as the democratic nominee for the United States Senate.
Humble Elias has long believed that the Attorney Generalcy of Massachusetts is a superb training ground for a US Senator (or a Governor for that fact), there isn't much AG Coakley hasn't covered during her tenure in public life...Time to bring those skills down to the banks of the Potomac and see what kind of business can be done.
I offer this endorsement withour rebuke to any of her rivals for this nomination, they are all good men, if one of the other three are nominated they can count on my goodwill.
Nevertheless Ms. Coakley is a practical ambitious soul, her coolness and judgement will wear well over time and what the hell she has thrown a goodly increment of brutes & thugs in jail.
Works for me!
In truth we are voting for an apprentice to Senior Senator John Kerry, someone who can adapt to the senate's mores, someone who also bring something ineffable and new to the table, someone who will be there ten years from now reliable and true to the State of Massachusetts, that someone is Martha Coakley. I urge all and sundry to vote for her next week.

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