Sunday, December 06, 2009

On the other hand...

Capuano could pull it off...
Pagliuca could be fading this weekend as evidenced by his inexplicable decision to brandish the Celtic's NBA championship trophy at his campaign appearances like it was the Hammer of Thor or something. If he fades enough, the conventional wisdom seems to be some of those votes might default out to Capuano. If the turn out is light enough, Mike might pull it off depending on how serious his phonebanking has been and whether or not they've got enough voter's identified to tip a low energy race.
I think Khazei is in a race for a strong third place finish whereupon he can look around for some new sinecure to contend (Alan please note upwards to three statewide offices will be up for grabs next year...Dunno if any are a good fit, just sayin'). The man has made few enemies in this special election and can reap some harvest in high name recognition in future races.
A lot of factors come into play, even the weather, right now the forecast is for clear and cool conditions on Tuesday, advantage Coakley (I think). Martha Coakley may be too cool, too cerebral, too sacerdotal for some, but she has a definite jazzed base in Massachusetts who are determined to overthrow destiny on Tuesday.
Game on, mah frenz, game on.

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