Tuesday, December 01, 2009


are what politicians who can taste equally victory defeat habitually throw when the closing week of the campaign arrives.
Such is the case today with Congressman Capuano who has staked all on convincing the democratic primary that AG Martha Coakley is a Cheneyite & a Falangist.
The accusation itself, that Coakley secretly loves the Patriot Act seems more than slightly desperate to Humble Elias.
Tactics like this only seem to work in Republican Primaries, where angry candidates are a dime a dozen amidst an angry base and where populism is an easily faked pose.
I can cherrfully forego the catharsis of punching some wingnut in the nose if it means carrying the day on other battlefields.
Humble Elias thinks that Congressman Capuano seems to be good at starting fights, but can he finish them on terms advantageous to the electorate?

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