Monday, December 14, 2009

Sad news from the ramparts of Boston Politics

It is my sad duty to report the death of the former President of the Boston City Council, Joseph M. "Sonny" Tierney.
I had some dealings with him back when I was a wee Justin (we have an Aunt in common)and he was helpful, kind and honest.
Money seemed to be Sonny's big issue in politics, he never seemed to be able to raise enough to break into the big time, a run for congress foundered in the democratic primary for want of cashola and his run for Mayor against then incumbent Ray Flynn was honorable and short funded.
He was however a raconteur of no small ability, when I last saw him about a year ago he looked fit as a fiddle and ready for any deed, full of stories and energy.
So the loss is a bit sudden and shocking.

My thoughts are with his family....

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