Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Lowell Sun is reporting

that former Mayor Eileen Donoghue turned down a invitation to be independent candidate for governor Tim Cahill's running mate.
Apparently she wants Martha Coakley's current job...
Well health to her candidacy and all like that, Donoghue ran a pretty good race against Nikki Tsongas for the congressional seat up there, the fundraising needed to run statewide for AG has to be a bit of a poser though.
In-ter-esting notion on Cahill's part, clearly he was thinking outside the box with a female running mate. If he was set on this idea though, what reasonable (or even unreasonable) female pol in Massachusetts would be willing to break with their party to run as his Lt. Governor designate?
All I can say is, it doesn't have to a democrat...Said designate merely needs to be a registered independent as of January 2010.

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