Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fifty years ago...

Doctor Tom Coburn would have been classified a local nutbag. A serial writers of outraged letters to the editor, a signatory on numerous petitions decrying communism, flouridation of drinking water and other shopworn causes. His waiting room would be strewn with badly mimeographed pamphlets from borderline psychotics and most of his patients would know from long experience not to bring up any topics remotely related to national, state or local politics.
But because the last fifty years in this country is all about making the residents of Crazy Street USA seem safe and respectable, Dr. Coburn sits in the US Senate howling like witch doctor with a stubbed toe at the current health care reform bill.
He is against evolution even though he can observe it in a microscope with a sample of tuberculosis on a slide, wants to execute abortion doctors (it has been rumored that he has performed a few as a young MD) and honestly thinks we have the Best Health Care System in the World.
There he sits at the table though, a player, glowering with ill disgusied hatred for his colleagues and indeed this whole democratic folderol...

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