Monday, December 07, 2009

I was listening to Jeff Santos on 1510AM this morning...

and heard Alan Khazei repeatedly congratulate himself for landing the Boston Globe's endorsement in tomorrow's democratic senatorial primary.
Fair enough, clearly Alan "interviews well"...
But then Khazei went to lambaste the "conventional media" for overlooking the vast covert citizen-driven ground game his campaign was ramping up for primary day.
Hmmm...Last time I checked, the Boston Globe was the poster child for conventional dino-media, so what is Alan Khazei trying to tell us here?
BTW Jeff Santos claims to be a neutral party in this primary, my gut is though he is voting for either Capuano or Khazei, his whole meme on this thing since September has been "How can some honest incorruptible outsider overthrow the party hacks?"

Me? I'm sticking with Coakley, she is a pretty strong dose of change all in and of herself.

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