Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Kill the Bill"?

Nonsense, rubbish it is playing into the hands of an otherwise beaten and discredited movement conservatism.
Attenuated though the Senate HCR bill may be, it should still be based as an acceptable and aggressive way to move the ball forward. Teddy Kennedy would vote for on that basis alone.
I know, you are all baying for Joe Lieberman's head on a pikestaff, but I could've told you a full year ago that he'd act as such given just half a chance. Alas the internal demographics of the Senate favor his obstructionism and hypocritical troublemaking.
Let us act to change that, alter those numbers and we alter the outcome on the next go-around.
And sadly thanks to Joe and the Two Weird Sisters from Maine, we will have to revisit HCR again and perhaps again and on terms less advantageous to the American people than we have on offer now.
The worst possible thing that is happening in this debate right now is the division of some progressives from the White House, tactically this is a political catastrophe, they will not have a better negotiating partner than Barack Obama in the White House again in their lifetimes.
I say pass HCR and cram it down the GOP's throats, they had power to put Peter the Great to shame for eight years and what did that yield up for the American People, NOTHING!

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