Friday, January 08, 2010

The Bill of Lading on Scott Brown:

1.) He is a relentless proponent of economic catastrophe in the form of tax-cut give aways to the very same Wall Street Wizards who lead the country into it's current recession.

2.) He all for torturing terrorists, thus placing mere vulgar retribution above intelligence gathering to say nothing of that fast fading anachronism called Justice.

3.)He is a political homophobe (which is the worst kind), took time out of his busy schedule in 2007 to co-sponsor a bill to outlaw gay straight alliances in our high schools. Quite literally Scott wanted to prevent straight teens from befriending gay teens, which is the worst sort of pestering holier than thou, witchburning politics in the opinion of Humble Elias.

4.) He opposes the current Health Care Reform legislation, in fact killing it forms a major plank of Brown's platform. That may be fine for him, Scott has excellent coverage after all but killing said bill is bad news for thirty million of his fellow citizen who nothing to speak of for health insurance.
Scott might make a great US Senator someday, but for Wyoming not Massachusetts.

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