Friday, January 15, 2010

An Endorsement:

The Chimes at Midnight proudly endorses Martha Coakley for the United States Senate in Tuesday's special election to fill Teddy Kennedy's seat.
The AG has shown leadership in her current role, she has an agenda that'll benefit all of us and the sort of skill set that could make her a powerhouse in the US Senate.
And if and when she wins, a very big glass ceiling will come crashing down in the Commonwealth with an almighty & lovely popping and shattering sound.
Martha Coakley in the US Senate is a giant step forward for all of us.

Scott Brown on the other hand is a step backwards, I'm not even sure any more if he'd be a good senatorial fit for Wyoming.

WE have four days left to save the Commonwealth and save the Country, let us not waste them, don't play the media's despair game, work work work! We Can Win This Thing if we do not waver!
Coakley in the US Senate, Now is the Time, This is the Moment!

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