Thursday, January 07, 2010

Only in America...

can a candidate for the US Senate in Massachusetts present himself as the consummate warrior without ever having run a greater risk than a paper cut in the Judge Advocate's office.
And that my friends is Citizen Scott Brown in a nutshell, qualified as a paratrooper, infantry rifleman and in the arcane disciplines of the Quartermasters corps (ALL supremely applicable to front line conditions) and yet somehow despite three wars in eight years Scott has managed to dodge combat service.
Remind you of a certain Air National Guard pilot from Texas at all?
I mean its great that he joined the National Guard and all but it is nothing more than a resume builder for an aspiring politician unless he ever got off his ass and actually did something.
And as of 1-7-10 8:55am all Beefcake Scott seems to have done with his service is polish apples, which is apparently his game plan for the US Senate polish apples to get ahead.

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