Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dishonesty is the Best Policy...

Someone, who is awfully anxious to foist Scott "Beefcake" Brown onto Massachusetts as a US Senator, is doing a nasty little push-poll on his behalf tonight.
My grey haired old mother got a call tonight from some half-mumbled polling firm that proceeded to "remind" the Coakley-leaning respondent that the AG wants to kill babies and bankrupt the universe thru the current health care bill.
Mi Madre hung up with the utmost indignation.
Class all the way Scott, class all the way. He can bellow and coo righteously in the debates all he wants, but when Citizen Brown thinks the Commonwealth's back is turned he is a different fellow isn't he?
Anyway I don't get Brown's stance on the current health care reform bill in the US Senate, he sez he'd vote to kill if elected. But he voted for the same exact bill for the citizens of Massachusetts not two years ago.
Why won't he give to the rest of nation what he was perfectly willing to bestow on the Commonwealth in 2006?
Well, to put it bluntly, Scott Brown is a devious, narcissistic & dishonest hack who couldn't care less about what good he did in 2006 if it impedes his path to power in 2009...That is why.

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