Sunday, January 03, 2010

The definition of Insanity

is replicating the same action over and over with the intense expectation of a different outcome.
Such is the case with GOP senatorial candidate Scott Brown's current anti-recession proposal, more tax cuts aimed at the very financial cohorts that got us into this mess to begin with.
Never mind we just escaped eight years of trying to tax cut our way to Utopia (and ending up on relief all the same), forget we are at war and wars cost money and the very financials that blew us all to hell have learned NOTHING from their former profligacy despite a pricey federal bail out. Nope per Scott Brown Wall Street deserves another chance to raid the Federal treasury!
Another bailout, in the form of a tax cut, I mean talk about homeopathic economics!
Of course, the best Citizen Brown can come up with in his campaign commercials is some footage of JFK pushing his 1962 tax cut. Ah 1962, boom times compared to 2010 when the country (per William F. Buckley) was simply groaning under the weight of a 70% top rate. Well at this point what could Citizen Brown do, I doubt there is a single national republican alive or dead that could do any business at all for him in this Commonwealth. Ronald Reagan could rise from the dead on Boston Common and perform a laying of hands on Scott Brown to nigh universal apathy at this point. So Scott is forced to hide behind the late President Kennedy's tombstone and hand out smudgy pamphlets extolling ideas that were laughable when Gorgeous George was big medicine.
I say keep the money and invest it wisely and forget about Scott Brown he has nothing on offer except bad intentions and worse ideas.

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