Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Breaking (HAW!) Has Tim Cahill found a running mate?

Word from Das Red Mass Gruppe is that Tim Cahill (independent candidate for Governor) has found his Lt. Governor candidate in former State Rep from Holliston, Paul Loscocco.
IF it's true then there are some interesting ideological twists in said candidacy (apparently Loscocco is waa-ay more conservative than the Baker-Tisei ticket stapled together. Nevertheless one has to wonder about his fundraising capability in an independent race where money will be a premium.

Update: The Herald confirms it is Loscocco...Waaa-al Ah swan, but at least Citizen Tim avoided the usual Lt. Gubernatorial shenanigans (nominating a filling station night manager, TV weather man or some other chowderhead).
Well it would seem the third party challenge is gonna run hard to the right, be interesting to see what the pace of fundraising is like for the Cahill-Loscocco ticket.

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