Tuesday, January 05, 2010


GOP congressional candidate Allen Quist (who is trying to unseat democrat Tim Walz in Minnesota) has asserted the following:">Allen Quist (who is trying to unseat democrat Tim Walz in Minnesota) has asserted the following:
It's because I, like you, have seen that our country is being destroyed. I mean, this is -- every generation has had to fight the fight for freedom. This is our fight. And this is our time. This is it. Terrorism, yes -- but that's not the big battle. The big battle is in D.C., with the radicals. They aren't liberals, they're radicals. Obama, Pelosi, Walz -- they're not liberals, they're radicals. They are destroying our country. And people all over are figuring that out."
In short, defeating President Obama is more important than the war on terrorism.
Thus it can be inferred by Allen Quist's potential future constituents that their very lives are forfeit in the grand apocalyptic battle to overcome the democrats and their President.
I think the operative term here is "cannon fodder", it doesn't matter how many voters get blown up as long as Allen Quist can tuck it to Obama.
H.L. Mencken once aptly described a sort of mad dog mania that befalls certain politicians as they ineffectually try to lay their hands on the collar of some person or movement they violently despise. So, clearly, Allen Quist is having himself an H.L. Mencken moment on the campaign trail.
I would pay good money to see some competent representative of the punditariat ask Quist at a press conference if terrorism comes in second to partisan insolence, what can casualties is Citizen Quist willing to countenance among his constituents on the road to GOP victory?

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