Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last night I managed to see

the Coakley campaign's "attack ad" against their GOP rival Scott Brown. It is to say the least a tame thing that mostly identifies Beefcake Scott as a conservative republican and lists his heartfelt opinions on issues of the day.
I mean ignore the ominous music and graphics, this ain't no "Daisy Commercial" believe me. And yet this morning, there was Scott Brown's counter advert on the TV in which he whines piteously that "Martha Coakley's negative ads are wrong and go too far".
Good grief all they do is remind the voters that Scott is in the end a Republican more amenable to say Wyoming than the Commonwealth...and that gets his goat??
Thin skinned little bitch isn't he?

And another thing...Martha Coakley didn't start with the negative adverts, groups amenable to the candidacy of the right honorable Scott Beefcake Brown have clouded the airwaves with denunciations of the Attorney General. If she responds in kind who is Scott to protest?
Imagine if the dems went after him Willy Horton style? Scott would likely fall over in a swoon.

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