Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson sez

that Haiti got destroyed by an Earthquake as punishment for the "deal with the devil" they struck in 1799 in return for infernal assistance in running out Napoleon's army.
I kid you not he really said this, lookit the video.

Y'know all snarkage aside, this is a profoundly childish thing for a grown adult man to utter, a man who is educated, wealthy and even worldly in his own fashion.
It is the sort of opinion that gets whispered by eight year old boys from behind the garage. That a man truly thinks and shares it with a TV audience sans batting an eye is very sobering indeed. It recalls the sort of rubbish that William Jennings Bryan spouted when on the witness stand during the famous 1925 "monkey trial. He tried to convince a jury that Man was Not a Mammal by classification.
But this deal with the devil mishaugas is if anything even more idiotic...

Nothing left to do but leave the thoughts of children behind and give to the American Red Cross.

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