Friday, September 02, 2011

I don't think that much can be done to

save us from the imposition of casino gambling in the Commonwealth.

The stars seem to be in malign allignment this time.

Joanie Vennochi has argued in the Boston Globe to the effect that "now is the time" to rewrite the pending gaming bill to include certain local aid guarantees as well as a ban on state officials doing any business with the gaming industry.
Those are high minded thoughts to be sure, but utterly ineffectual in the final analysis, this is the Massachusetts Legislature we are talking about and they are in hot pursuit of easy money, you can forget about any bans oversight or guarantees.
Humble Elias is a liberal and a democrat, but he also has a healthy suspicion of the state legislature and it's motives in this matter. Moreover I bluntly maintain that the corrupt temptations of casino gambling are toxic to the welfare of state democratic party.
I guess a few well known personalities will have to be frogged marched down the steps in handcuffs before anyone believes me.
I wish someone was listening...but that is a forlorn wish at this point.

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