Monday, September 05, 2011

Good Old Mitt Romney...

He is as reliable as a ruined clock.
He is offering the Tea Partei Right the exact same craven sell out of a deal that he tried to fob off on the religious conservatives back in 2007.
"Forget my religion, and forget all my many flip flops down thru the years, VOTE FOR MITT and I'll let you torture and persecute all the liberals just as long as I git ter be President".
They didn't buy it then and they won't buy it now more than likely.
Still the important thing to note from the above link is the paltry nature of the anti-Mitt counter protest, twenty five peeps all told, pretty thin stuff if you as Humble Elias.
This seems to suggest that in some respects the Tea Partei's ability to muster and industrialize outrage seems to have peaked.
So why does Mitt kiss their ass so assiduously?
I dunno I never said Romney was smart or even good at politics.
Ah but Humble Elias has suffered down thru the Presidential Years, he was the last man off the street for Dukakis, Tsongas, Gore and Kerry, many ugly confrontations has he survived.
But nonetheless, it has given me a front row seat on the loudest, gaudiest, most vulgar and hilarious political spectacle of the past twenty five years, the decline and fall of Movement Conservativism.
Once an unstoppable colossus that gave us a Ronald Reagan and a William F. Buckley, its very life now depends on the tattered likes of Jeff Jacoby and Mitt Romney (A man who a generation ago would be considered barely qualified to serve as an interim Secretary of Commerce).
I would not miss this even for the counter factual joys of a incoherent concession speech from Ronald Reagan.

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