Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear President Carter...

PLEASE endorse Mitt Romney for President.
Please please please!!???
Do it under the big statue of JFK in front of the State House... please back Romney on the basis of his "outreach to the gay community in 2002", his "willingness to compromise with democrats", his "achievement in bringing the US one step closer to a single payer health plan" and his record of "moderation on the issue of abortion".
C'mon Jimmy you owe me, I proudly voted for you in 1980 and I've never recanted on it come hell or high water.
Good Ghod image it, the explosive bolts that hold the collective psyche of the Tea Partei together would detonate simultaneously....
Ah but it's a humorless election, we are getting some laughs off of it, but entirely of the unintended variety.

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