Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Presidential Campaign has officially begun in earnest

Because it's four months til the New Hampshire Primary and Mitt Romney is groveling before the the Hard Right Wing of the GOP.
A mere three months ago, Mitt was disdaining the Tea Partei, but that was Before Rick Perry got in and threw a few right hooks at Romney's eternally undefended jaw...
You wouldn't mind so much, but the Tea Partei is currently polling very unfavorably in comparision to ringworm...Dunno if this is the time to start sucking up to the GOP's restive right wing.
The irony is, Romney is a shitty groveler, insincere and unintentionally hilarious, Willard has had lots of practice at toadying over the last ten years and no conspicuous success with it either.
One's core beliefs ought to be a shelter in trying times. Alas Mitt is neither a liberal nor a conservative or even a particularly successful moderate, he is an energetic opportunist that is all. The best you can say about him is that at various times he has allied himself with liberals, conservatives or moderates to suit his own short term agenda and then casually betrayed them all when a bigger prize was to be had.
He just wants to win, doesn't really care what he has to espouse to get there.
And so being unfortified by any cumbersome deeply held beliefs (save the superhumanity of corporations & winning) Mitt is deeply vulnerable to outside pressure and fanciful neuroses.  And in turn one of things that Romney fears the most (along with certain local columnists) is the pure bowel loosening terror of being on the wrong side of a right wing backlash.
That, is the sort of thing that gives Mitt Romney the screaming bedspins.
If you don't believe then please someone at the next debate contrive to ask him plainly what his thoughts are on Darwin's Theory and Natural Selection...that is if you really want to see a grown man turn to shopworn paper before your eyes and blow away on the breeze.
Nonetheless, as Holmes said to Watson, the game is afoot.

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