Monday, September 12, 2011

Just as Humble Elias predicted,

Tim Pawlenty has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

He did it with unseemly haste, I wonder if he even held out for a good ambassadorship. Cuz trust me, Tim Pawlenty is too unimaginative and naive a politician to negotiate his way into a notional Romney cabinet.
The colorless leading the colorless...
Well, that is one way to look at it.

Then there is Josh Marshall's theory that the GOP establishment is terrified of Rick Perry and therefore must close ranks behind Romney no matter how dim and flavorless a prospect that might be.
Then again I'm wondering if, if, if, Tim realized that maybe the worth of his endorsement tracks neatly with Perry's current popularity. So far so good, this is still in Marshall's territory, but if there were some stressors of a personal type with a disastrous potential impact on the Perry Campaign then it behooves Tim to pull the trigger on an endorsement sooner rather than later.
if Perry dropped out suddenly, who'd give a rat's @ss about Tim Pawlenty's endorsement?
Then again all Perry's caveman ranting and raving about Social Security might be putting everyone's endorsement in play...who knows?
 These are republicans after all, little that they do makes sense.

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