Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Poll out suggesting that...

Citizen Elizabeth Warren is up a few percentage points over Former State Senator Scott Brown.
Okay everybody chill the eff' out!

it is just one poll, and if Citizen Warren has a good campaign staff behind her, then they are all remembering what happened to Charlie Baker and insisting to their candidate that she is the current underdog, poll or no poll.
Well other than that I'm gonna idly suggest that this poll indicates that Scott Brown hasn't quite sealed the deal yet with the Massachusetts electorate. It does seem to matter that Brown has changed his mind on dozens of issues in the past year and seemingly solely on the basis of the potential pay offs for Wall Street.  Maybe the electorate doesn't have a clear sense of where he stands on a lot of things...that is a vacuum, and politics abhors a vacuum.
Given that, I think it is sensible for Citizen Warren to keep brandishing her Anti Wall Street bona fides.
As a practical matter, this poll will likely provide some ammo to those within the democratic party who want to winnow down the Senatorial Primary Field.
For the most part I think we should not be stampeded by some early polling results, Humble Elias thinks what is best for the Massachusetts democratic party right now is a full and complete debate of all the issues impacting on the senatorial race.  Election day is still 14 months away...

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