Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Boston Globe on-line

has gone over to a pay service model.
I'd put up a link but what would be the point?
I suppose I can't blame them, they've had a very rocky recession over on Morrissey Blvd with serious rumors of closure and ever thinning ranks in the bullpen.
Hell even the Globe's ads look bleak these days.
So any port in a storm sez Humble Elias, whether or not this pay-wall mishaugas works is another matter entirely.
On a practical note though, this does mean that when I tuck into Vennochi-Lehigh, McGrory or Jeff Jacoby it'll be via paraphrase.
Which is, of course, the very essence of blogging.
Oh and by the way, Scot Lehigh and Joan Vennochi both scored last night's debate as a win for Romney, big surprise there eh?
I mean, Mitt would have to morph into Joe E. Ross and start chasing Michele Bachmann around the stage with a club before certain local pundits would give up on him....

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