Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sal DiMasi just got eight years in the slams

for some bush league porchclimbing he did on behalf of a lobbyist for Cognos Inc. Meanwhile an oblivious state legislature is debating the revenues to realized off of as yet unlegalized casino gambling.
DiMasi's sad fate ought to be a wake up call to Beacon Hill, if we cannot run the Speaker of the House's office on the up and up, then who the hell in their right minds wants to add the temptations of casino gambling to that mix???
Humble Elias is no fool. He knows this is a lightly trafficked blog, but widely read or not let me state explicitly that casino gambling is political suicide for the Massachusetts democratic party, the monetary temptations thereon will prove too much for Beacon Hill with catastrophic consequences to follow.
There I said it, deal with it.

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