Monday, February 29, 2016

I have a feeling Trump is gonna lock it up tomorrow

the signs and portents haven't been good all week long all sorts of GOP maachers have been throwing in the towel and either endorsing or have stopped spending their money on a loser's game.
I strongly doubt Trump's KKK kerfluffle this weekend is gonna attrite his numbers tomorrow nothing else has said has dented his appeal one whit, why should this be any different.
Cruz, Kasich and Rubio are slowly being reduced to largely regional dark horse candidates who seem to have a shakey grip on their home state primaries...why they are staying in at this point is a mystery to me, the vituperation seems to rule out any vice presidential aspirations (although the jury is still out on Rubio he is a cynical little shit to be sure) to say nothing of thwarting Trump's nomination which incredibly looks like a foregone conclusion.
Unless the GOP base rebels this is Trump's to lose tomorrow.  But the GOP Base wants blood and red meat and in bigger doses than the leadership has been willing to serve up. In the end this is a fairly anomalous "failure of followership" but then again these people have been fed fantasies for so long is it any wonder they would follow a candidate who is a wholesale vengeful fantasist?

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