Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Cruz Caves In...

and withdraws from the GOP Presidential Sweeps, allegedly Kasich is soon to follow...
Um this was inevitable, Cruz and sixteen other republican aspirants underestimated Trump from the git-go, refused to coordinate until far too late and thought the answer (all but invalidated in the aftermath of the NH Primary) was to outflank Trump on the right.
It didn't work because Trump seized on the "myth of conservative grievance" and literally redefined conservatism as as a sort of one-stop shop for personal vengeance.
Audiences have been eating it up while experienced pols like Jeb Bush have been blathering on about abortion and social security privatization.
Its not that the Right Wing couldn't stop Donald Trump, it is rather that Trump reconfigured the very concept of "right wingedness" and sold it to a toxically alienated and aggrieved base.
And that aggrieved base has a point (up to a point), they are the likeliest to have their jobs abruptly outsourced, asking them to not respond as xenophobes to the perceived issues of illegal immigration seems a terrific stretch. To be sure, Trump has no answers to these issues that can work in the real world, but these people have at least been promised vengeance by The Donald and they will take that, if nothing else is on offer.
And that is what has brought a dangerously impetuous inexperienced authoritarian minded individual to the Brink of the US Presidency, the sheer mendacity of movement conservative politics and a cohort abused and sold out for far too long.
I also think, at the risk of a lot of criticism that it is getting time for Senator Sanders to take a good long look at the costs imposed on the Republic by prolonging his Campaign. Secretary Clinton on the other hand had best figure out a good and honest way to bring Senator Sander's base into her coalition....she is gonna need it, nothing is a lock this fall.

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