Monday, May 02, 2016

Well Charlie Bakers appetite for Funny Money

continues unabated, the Globe reports he is indulging out of state donations from PACs representing interests with connections to State Government...some reformer eh?
Money is an intimidation tactic, pile enough if it up and you scare off rivals within and without your own party.
I suspect Baker is running his own private "money primary" he wants a big pile for re-election in 2018 and after that a fat rolodex to draw from should he set his sights on the US Senate.
Remember Bill Weld was Baker's chief sponsor and mentor back in the day, he tried to hand off an incumbent Governorship to his Running Mate Paul Cellucci in 1996 via a Senate Challenge to John Kerry....who can say if something similar isn't Charlie Baker's plan in 2020?
There is no other way to explain this save to note that "Charlie Baker Loves Money The Way a Hog Loves Slop" and nobody collections cashola like this unless they are either personally corrupt or else Have Big Electoral Plans, I myself tend to the later view.

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