Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Ghod but...

The Boston Globe will report most credulously any whimsical notion that features Bill Weld in a New Political Role.
Today they repeat the current rumor that Gary Johnson wants Weld to run as his Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate this fall.
Conveniently Weld is unavailable for comment (bad hangover? Who Can Say?)....but it's just the sort of slightly demented move from Weld(US Senator, Ambassador to Mexico, Governor of New York) that Globe buys into every damn time.
That guy is literally Shakespeare's Proverbial "Imp of Fortune" the aging boomers holding the last ditch in the Globe's newsroom, just love Bill Weld...they just do. Something about the ex governor's snarky sloppy indolence speaks to them on a weird nonverbal level.
I doubt Weld will take the bait from the Libertarians when push comes to shove for some very practical reasons I don't think he can stand up to the peculiar rigors of a third party vice presidential candidacy without embarrassing himself.
I can't put it more bluntly than that.
I'm idly curious though how credible a ticket Johnson can assemble under the circumstances given all the hot air the Anti Trumps like Mitt Romney have emitted these last two weeks....

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