Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weld For Veep....

He once wanted to be Governor of Massachusetts (til he got bored with it) or a US Senator or a US Ambassador to Mexico or maybe Governor of New York...but as of this weekend Bill Weld has settled on running for Veep on the Libertarian Ticket as His Next Big Thing.
Almost immediately humiliation piled atop excruciating embarrassment, he had to repeatedly promise in the most craven and abject terms total lifelong fealty to the Libertarian Partei....he was boo'd at their convention (a chintzy looking affair from the looks of it), a candidate for Party Chair performed a striptease.
AND still it took two ballots to get Bill on that meshugginah ticket....

I don't care how chipper Weld pretends to be for his undying apologists at the Boston Globe he has to realize he has hit rock goddamn bottom and stone sober as well.
I was saying last week that that Bill won't hang in there until Labor Day, I'd like to revise that, I say he bails by July 4th.  Weld's downfall is that he is a Boomer Avatar, Snarky Insolent, Gloriously Sloppy and Selfish....but like all boomers he cannot stand embarrassment or humiliation...."looking like a fool" is a mortal blow to the Welds of this World. And Bill looked like a fool this weekend, watch for it is all I can say six weeks of answering questions about John Galt from spectrumy libertarian fanatics and Bill will decamp for Cape Anne or wherever he holes up when he is thirty.

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