Friday, May 20, 2016

Oh and It's Bill Weld's Big Clever Plan

To throw the November General Election into the US House of Representatives assuming a spirited & "successful" campaign from the 2016 Libertarian Ticket.
There is a lot of reasons that this is really a very stupid idea....
Notably the election hasn't been determined in the US House since 1876, 2000 notwithstanding since the issue was never remanded to Congress as stipulated by The Constitution. Thanks to the Late Judge Scalia I'm not sure another close election will ever be referred to the US House ever again, someday movement conservatives will realize why that is a very very bad innovation indeed.
But lets just say, that the Libertarians do somehow run a close enough race to throw the election into the US House for Resolution. Does Weld really think he can somehow persuade the worst and lowest of the South's Notorious Rotten Boroughs to break with their party and vote fer Gary & Bill? At best this scenario only compromises the integrity of the consequent President...which will likely be Trump...Because I have no doubt they'll pass right over Hilary Clinton even if she wins the majority at the polls and in the electoral college.
No this whole bizarro scenario is nothing but a passive aggressive endorsement of Donald Trump courtesy that Boomer Hero, Bill Weld.
Realistically speaking, third parties have a poor history for forcing elections into the US House even if that is their only real chance at Glory. No...normally they skew the vote enough to deform the outcome for one of the major parties. George Wallace nearly got Humprey in circa 1968 and Ralph Nader's influence in 2000 need not be recounted here.
So maybe Weld might do the democrats some unintentional good...assuming he stays on the ticket and doesn't get sick of begging off earnest chats about Ayn Rand by Labor Day.

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