Monday, May 16, 2016

We are gettin' close to...

"Fish or Cut Bait Time" for Bernie Sanders. The numbers don't favor an upset at the democratic national convention this summer to say the least.  Granted he has a fervid voter base and he clearly wants to influence the party platform....but at the end of the day he won't be nominated and the irony behind that is, the impetus for party unity has to come from the disappointed party.
Just sayin....staying in the race just prolongs the agony and complicates the necessity of party unity.
At this point it makes more sense to "bid out" for certain platform planks and maybe a say in the Vice Presidential Nomination in return for a campaign suspension.
An outright endorsement would have to wait for the convention itself if not later.
Will any of this happen?
Likely not, as I said Sanders has a devoted aggressive following, the worst of them are slandering Hillary Clinton up and down social media even as I write this...that makes it hard to cut a deal and withdraw with honor. Moreover, from what I can see Sanders has a touch of Eugene McCarthy about him, in that he may not be able to deliver his followers en masse when push comes to shove.
Senator Sanders is an Honorable Man and I hope he can prepare for an Honorable Exit from the race, one that does not advantage Donald Trump.

Speaking of Trump, anyone else hearing any bleating about a brokered convention or a bolt from the GOP? Assuredly that noise is all fading into the background, Trump has his enemies but they are prepared to generate as good a hologram of unity at the GOP convention as possible.
Just remember these are movement conservatives they are good at talking tough and selling out....which means we democrats have to start getting our sh*t together.

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