Friday, May 06, 2016

Was talkin' to some Well Known Spartans with

some insight on Beacon Hill and apparently everyone therein is talking about LBGT right, public transportation issues, revenue issues etc, meanwhile the one big issue that the Governor is talking about is....."charter schools".
This confirms my suspicion that having purged his own ranks this year with the State Committee Elections and having been dealt out of the RNC, that Charlie Baker's big political project this year is the Ballot Initiative that potentially lifts the Charter School Cap.
From Charlie's perspective it's a perfect GOP issue, it beats up on teacher unions and allows him to posture as a friend of education all on behalf of four percent of the student body in Massachusetts. The Charter School funding mechanism also malignly affects local school budgets and ruinously blurs the "chain of command" within and without said schools.
So look for that as we go forward this year, remember Charlie's definition of "progress" is always whatever allows him the maximum opportunity To Pose, Without Having to Risk Any Resources or Public Money or His Own Credibility.....

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